DIY Disney Cruise Mickey Ears Magnet

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DIY Disney Cruise Mickey Ears Magnet

I took my first cruise on the Dream this past January, and going into it I was excited but had my doubts that cruising was for me.  I was so in love with everything on that vacation that we are headed back this month to celebrate Halloween on the High Seas aboard the Disney Dream.

One of the fun things that I had heard about before we went was that people decorate their cabin doors.  The doors are metal and Disney will only allow magnets (no glue, tape, Velcro etc) but there are so many options for decorating and really showing your style.  I decided I couldn’t just have flat printed magnets because I’m extra like that.  I wanted Rose Gold Sequin Mickey Ears!!!  I had to throw these together pretty quickly but they turned out to be a really easy DIY project that anyone can do, even with the help of the kids.

What you’ll need for this project:

Ear Shaped Template – Download your free copy here.

1 -  8x10 sheet of craft foam

¼ Yard Fabric – This is for the ears and bow.  If you want a different colored bow, then you will need a 12” x 6”  inches piece for the ears and an 18”x 7” piece for the bow.  Remember that fabric doesn’t have to be from a standard fabric store.  For Rose gold sequins I used this table runner from Amazon. 


Hot Glue Gun or E6000 Glue

Magnet Tape or Small magnets – I used this Scotch magnet tape from Target. 

Optional Decorative Initials or Details – I used these from Joann: Initials 

Craft Foam, Glue Gun, Scissors, Rose Gold Sequin Fabric, Scotch Magnetic Tape


Make the Ears:

  • Start by Downloading the template for the ears here.  Print out the sheet at 100% size.  This will make sure the ears are the correct size for the porthole.
  • Once Printed cut out the ears shape and trace onto your craft foam. 

Mickey Ears Template traced onto Craft Foam

  • Cut out the Ears shape from the craft foam.
  • Place the craft “ears” on two pieces of cut out fabric.  This can be a quick and easy measurement.  You only need to cover one side so you don’t more than ½ inch around extra.
  • Snip individual slits around the outer edges.  This will make gluing easier around the circles.

Cut slits around the fabric

  • Start gluing the fabric slits onto the back of the craft foam.  You may need to glue some extra folds to make it more round.  Use your best judgment.

Folding Fabric over to Glue onto the craft foam

  • Once you have glued the back – you can either cover the back with another smaller piece of craft foam or leave it uncovered.  No one will see the back except you.

Top Ear no covered back, Bottom Ear covered with smaller piece of craft foam

**Top Ear shows what the back will look like if you don't cover.  Bottom has additional added craft foam covering the back.
  • Glue 2-3 magnet strips onto the back of the ears.  The magnetic tape comes with adhesive but I used glue just to make sure

Back of Mickey Ear wiht Magnetic Strips attached

  • If you decided to personalize your ears with cabin member initials, glue them on the front.


How to Make the Bow:

  • To make a 7” bow to go over the porthole you will need a 15” x 7” piece of fabric and a 2” x 3” piece of fabric for the center ribbon.
  • Lay the piece of fabric flat with the “right” side facing down.  With one of the long sides you will fold over the edge until it’s roughly in the center of the fabric. Glue this in the middle with a couple of dots along the edge. 
  • Repeat this same step with the other side, overlapping where the other side is in the middle.

Folded over Rose Gold Sequin Fabric

  • Now take the short edge and do the same process – folding into the middle and gluing.  On both sides.

Folded Short edges inward to make Bow

  • Take your 2x3 inch piece and fold the long edge inwards doing the same process as above to create the center ribbon.
  • Pinch the bow in the middle (or accordion fold it).  Then wrap the center ribbon around it to hold it in place.  Glue the center ribbon in the back and snip off any excess fabric or fold under when you glue.

Wrapping Center of Pinched bow and gluing the back

  • Glue magnet to the top of the bow to hold in place. 

Magnets glued to the back of the bow


Voila!  These are such a fun easy project to make and they really made my cabin door feel special when I sailed.  

In front of Cruise Ship Door with Ear Magnet on the Door

Are you taking a Disney Cruise soon?  Drop a comment below telling us what you are most excited to see or do.

If you are interested in taking a Disney cruise and need some tips, I highly recommend Patty from No Guilt Life.  She has great blog posts about cruising and is a travel agent who can help ease the process.

Pinterest Image showing DIY Rose Gold Mickey Ears Stateroom Magnet


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    Thanks for the post ! So making ears for my door. Sisters trip to Bermuda in 2 weeks !

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